A2Pro THPT Buôn Ma Thuột [2007-2010]

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A2Pro THPT Buôn Ma Thuột [2007-2010]

Thành lập năm 2008, từng là một diễn đàn lớp với tất cả tình cảm mình gửi gắm vào. Giờ đây là nơi lưu trữ những thứ lặt vặt mình lượm lặt được trong học tập, công việc và cuộc sống !

Market Leader Advanced Business Course Book + CDs

Lang thang !!
Lang thang !!

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Market Leader Advanced Business Course Book + CDs

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Market Leader Advanced Business Course Book + CDs

Market Leader is a multi-level business English course for businesspeople and students of business English. It has been developed in assciation with the Financial Times, one of the leading sources of business information in the world. It consists of 4 units based on topic of great interest to everyone involved in international business.

This new edition of the intermediate level features new authentic texts and listenings throughout…you need to succeed in business and will enlarge your knowledge of the business world. Everybody studying this course will become more fluent and confident in using the language of business and should increase their career prospects.

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