A2Pro THPT Buôn Ma Thuột [2007-2010]

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A2Pro THPT Buôn Ma Thuột [2007-2010]

Thành lập năm 2008, từng là một diễn đàn lớp với tất cả tình cảm mình gửi gắm vào. Giờ đây là nơi lưu trữ những thứ lặt vặt mình lượm lặt được trong học tập, công việc và cuộc sống !

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Right To Cancel - Protect Your Home With Bank Defense Tools and Resources

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Double Wood Hammer

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Right To Cancel - Protect Your Home With Bank Defense Tools and Resources

Bài gửi by goihon_dk5 on 24/6/2012, 23:56

Right To Cancel - Protect Your Home With Bank Defense Tools and Resources

Right To Cancel - Protect Your Home With Bank Defense Tools and Resources
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You have every right to stand up and defend your home!
Many banks have sold off and passed around the promissory notes to multiple debt collectors and lenders collecting extra money and fees and using the ?Promissory Note? as collateral.
In recent news several banks have admitted that they lost track of the paperwork and cannot produce the note which means they are not the true holder in due course and cannot lawfully foreclose. If you want to know who really owns your home time is your worst enemy so avoid the chances of making a mistake and take action to stop foreclosure fraud.

RightToCancel is always eager to help foreclosure fraud victims.
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