A2Pro THPT Buôn Ma Thuột [2007-2010]

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A2Pro THPT Buôn Ma Thuột [2007-2010]

Thành lập năm 2008, từng là một diễn đàn lớp với tất cả tình cảm mình gửi gắm vào. Giờ đây là nơi lưu trữ những thứ lặt vặt mình lượm lặt được trong học tập, công việc và cuộc sống !

RetouchPRO - LIVE with Amy Dresser: Retouching Webinar (2 DVD)

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RetouchPRO - LIVE with Amy Dresser: Retouching Webinar (2 DVD)

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RetouchPRO - LIVE with Amy Dresser: Retouching Webinar (2 DVD)

RetouchPRO - LIVE with Amy Dresser: Retouching Webinar (2 DVD)
Language: English | 5hours | 968 x 770 | MPEG4 - 965Kbps | AAC - 256Kbps | 3.28 GB
Genre: Photoshop

This is a Webinar recorded from RetouchPRO live session. You will view Amy's full-sized desktop as she demonstrates this beauty retouch from start to finish using Photoshop along to forward audience questions. Amy had never seen this image before. The raw file was sent after the show began providing a unique opportunity to observe a professional retoucher's process from the very beginning.
After graduation Amy Dresser moved to New York to embark on a freelance career in illustration before assuming a full-time retouching position with photographer Jill Greenberg in 2000.
For the past 8 years Amy has been based in Los Angeles amassing an array of commercial and editorial work as a photo retoucher illustrator eponymic business owner and master creator of what has come to be known in the industry as "The Amy Dresser Technique."
A partial list of projects: Key art for Harry Potter (Prisoner of Azkaban) album artwork for Britney Spears ("Circus") and Paul Oakenfeld; editorial for Entertainment Weekly Maxim Men's Journal Time and TV Guide; advertising campaigns for Secret deodorant Ed Hardy Pepsi Sony Target America's Next Top Model and Legally Blonde The Musical (plus logo effects and billboard); celebrity portraiture of Tom Cruise Gwen Stefani Katy Perry Dixie Chicks Drew Barrymore Margaret Cho Lil' Jon Lil' Kim Shakira Snoop Dogg Kat Von D Dita Von Teese Jenna Jameson Flava Flav Alicia Keys Eva Longoria Gennifer Goodwin and Ashton Kutcher.

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